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The Nokia 106 4G is a cellphone without a camera and is a cellphone with the latest quality from the previous version.

Before the Nokia 106 4G, there was the Nokia 105 4G and Nokia 110 2023, which was not much different in terms of sophistication, but this latest version is an advantage over the previous HP.

Nokia 106 4G (2023)

Nokia 106 and Nokia 106 4G specifications

As the name implies, the Nokia 106 4G supports connectivity that is still relatively modern, even though the 5G network has begun to be expanded, including in Indonesia.

Design-wise, the body is still similar to the previous generation, uses polycarbonate material, comes in a number of color choices, with a back cover equipped with a special pattern. IP52 certification makes it splash-resistant.

The front screen of the Nokia 106 4G is quite luxurious for a feature phone, because it uses a 1.8-inch IPS panel instead of the standard TFT screen type.

Using the S30+ interface, the UI is not equipped with an app store like the Google Play Store.

However, Nokia provides a number of games, including Snake, as well as other multimedia features.

The Nokia 106 4G supports a microSD card for storing MP3 files. While other alternative entertainment is to listen to the radio.

Without having to use an earphone cable, this latest Nokia feature phone can connect to local radio stations wirelessly.

And as previously mentioned, there are no cameras that you can find.

There is only a flash that functions as a flashlight on the top of the body.

The Nokia 106 4G battery has a capacity of 1,400 mAh, which is claimed to be used to make calls for up to 12 hours and standby for up to 22 days.

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