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Review Apple Watch Series 6 –Apple’s smartwatch now has a gray, silver, gold, or blue aluminum finish. There is also a Product version in a striking red color. The Apple Watch Series 6 has a stainless steel model available in graphite and Classic Yellow Gold.

At the same time, Apple introduced a new strap called the “Solo Loop” which is designed without buckles or clasps and comes in various sizes. There is also a “Braided Solo Loop” with a rope woven from yarn which is available in five colors.

Apple Watch Series 6

In terms of design, this smartwatch hasn’t changed much. Except always on display mode which is improved and claimed to be two and a half brighter than the previous generation, it also allows you to perform tasks such as changing watch faces, access notifications or control center without having to turn on the screen completely.

Talking about watch faces, there are seven new watch faces that Apple provides, including some of them are Stripes, Chronograph Pro, GMT, and Artist. The Watch Series 6 is also equipped with an always-on altimeter, a feature that will give you real-time altitude information.

Apple Watch Series 6 is powered by a dual-core S6 chipset which is specially designed for smartwatches which promises to increase performance 20% faster than the S5 used by Watch Series 5.

The S6 chipset has also been integrated with the U1 chip which has an Ultra Wideband antenna to provide a short-range wireless location which allows you to use the Watch Series 6 as a digital key for your car.

The Apple Watch Series 6 still introduces a battery life of up to 18 hours as in the Watch Series 5.It also arrives with faster charging support which allows the device to get fully charged in just half an hour.

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