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Amazfit has released a new watch again, this watch is the successor to the Amazfit GTR 3 and GTS 3 which has upgraded its specifications. These smartwatches share most of their features but come with different designs, dimensions and weights. They also have different screens and batteries.

amazfit gtr 4

The Amazfit GTR 4 has a circular design and features a 1.43″ always-on AMOLED color touchscreen with a 466×466-pixel resolution protected by tempered glass. Coated with an anti-fingerprint coating and surrounded by an anti-glare frame.

Amazfit GTR 4 Specs


>>AMOLED Screen Type
>>Size 1.43
>>Resolution 466×466 Pixels


>>475 mAH

The GTS 4, on the other hand, comes with a rectangular design and features an always-on 1.75″ AMOLED color touchscreen with a resolution of 390×450 pixels. The GTS 4 screen is also coated with tempered glass and an anti-fingerprint coating, but it doesn’t come with bezels. anti-glare Additionally, the GTS 4 supports over 150 watch faces while the GTR 4 comes with more than 200 watch faces.

Amazfit GTS 4 specs


>>AMOLED Screen Type
>>Size 1.75
>>Resolution 390×450


>>300 mAh

Both watches have an aluminum alloy center frame, with the bottom case made of glossy sprayed polycarbonate. However, at 34g, the GTR 4 is heavier than the GTS 4 by seven grams.

That’s partly because the GTR 4 packs a 475 mAh battery whereas the GTS 4 has a 300 mAh cell under the hood. Different cell sizes also mean different battery backups.

The GTR 4 can last up to 14 days in typical usage scenarios on a full charge, while the GTS 4 can provide up to eight days of endurance. These numbers drop to seven days and four days, respectively, in the heavy usage scenario.

if you use GPS accuracy mode, the GTR 4 can offer up to 25 hours of endurance while the GTS 4 will last up to 16 hours. That said, both smartwatches can be fully charged in about two hours.

Enough with the differences between the GTS 4 and GTR 4. Let’s talk about the features that both watches have. The GTS 4 and GTR 4 run Zepp OS 2.0 and are equipped with many of the usual health and wellness features, including heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and blood oxygen level measurement. They can also measure your stress level

The GTR 4 and GTS 4 support more than 150 indoor and outdoor sports modes, including swimming, as both have 5ATM water resistance. They can also detect eight sports moves automatically while also having support for fall detection. Though this feature will be added later via OTA update.

This successor to the Amazfit GTR 3 and GTS 3 works with Android (7.0 and up) and iOS (12.0 and up) devices and has Bluetooth 5.0, BLE and 2.4GHz WLAN connectivity.

Amazfit GTS 4

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Amazfit GTR 4

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