iPhone User Guide-iOS 17 | Manual Instructions

iOS 17 is officially announced! This is the list of iPhones that will get the OS update. iPhone SE (2nd generation) is the last model to get this iOS 17 update.

iOS 17

For iPhone users, the latest iOS announcement is of course one of the most anticipated things. And it’s true, Apple officially announced the presence of iOS 17 which is the next latest OS or operating system update.

It doesn’t stop there, one of the features that might be the center of attention on iOS 17 is StandBy. The StandBy feature on iOS 17 allows users to display information in full screen with an attractive appearance.

iOS 17 seems to focus on improving the user experience when communicating with these devices. Users can easily find a more eye-catching call display, a wider selection of new emoji stickers to create Live Stickers using photos in the gallery.

For example, when the iPhone is charging, users can set a full screen display with various variations including clock and calendar, music being played, weather and much more. Users can arrange photos or widgets as desired if they want to be displayed in StandBy.

Still not enough? For those of you who like to write and capture moments, Apple has added a new application on iOS 17. Journal, as the name implies, users can write a journal by adding photos, places, sports activities, or even adding the songs you like. Of course, there are still a number of additional features and improvements that are present in iOS 17, including from a security standpoint.

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