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Review Samsung Galaxy Watch – Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with two types of sizes, namely 42mm and 46mm. As might be expected, smaller sizes are intended for women. Moreover, the choice of colors for smaller versions comes with a choice of Rose Gold.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

For products with a size of 46mm, it weighs only about 63 grams, while the proportion of 42mm only weighs 19 grams. So, you will not quickly feel sore when wearing it all day.

Not only the size that distinguishes it but smartwatch products from Samsung are also divided into two variants based on the connection it uses. One uses a Bluetooth connection, while the other is using an LTE connection.

Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with three mainstay features. The first feature is known as the Daily Assistant. With this feature, you can get all the information about how your day goes and adjust it to your schedules so that all your activities can run in balance.

This smartwatch from Samsung can also check your daily activities with the Activity Tracking feature. Through this feature, when you make a change of business from running to cycling, this watch will automatically change its tracking settings and calculations.

Not only that, but the Samsung Galaxy Watch is also equipped with a large capacity battery. For products with a size of 46mm will use a 472 mAh battery, while those measuring 42mm use 270 mAh. By using these batteries, this watch can be actively used for four days, without the need to recharge.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

This watch is also capable of swimming, thanks to embedded waterproof technology so that the Samsung Galaxy Watch can be carried to a depth of 50 meters underwater.

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