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Review Oppo A96 – OPPO will officially introduce the OPPO A96, their newest smartphone in early 2022. Like other Oppo phones in the A series, the OPPO A96 will obviously carry mid-to-high specifications.

Even though it is present in the A series class, there are some things that are quite striking from the OPPO A96 specifications that we can feel. One of them is on the camera section that uses a capable dual camera setup.

oppo A96

on the screen also looks better than the previous Oppo HP. This time OPPO will come with a screen with dimensions of 6.45 inches which is quite proportional.

For the panel itself, it will use an OLED panel which is of course an interesting change. With an OLED screen and full HD resolution, this smartphone will have a sharp and quality screen.

The Snapdragon 695 that is brought will obviously have good performance. Being one of the best chipsets in the middle class, it supports 5G connections.

As for the memory itself, it will use memory with 8GB of RAM. Even though the RAM is large, users can still expand again with the presence of the RAM expansion feature using internal memory.

Just like other Oppo cellphones, OPPO A96 will also have a good camera. This can also be seen on the front camera which uses an 18 MP wide lens with an aperture of f/2.4, 27mm.

The rear camera itself is an advantage for the Oppo A96 with its double camera. Where users will be presented with a 48 MP wide lens main lens which is supported by an additional 2 MP lens.

For the battery itself, this phone will be equipped with a battery with a capacity of 4,500 mAh. The battery is classified as standard, it looks like Oppo wants to make a cellphone with a standard battery in order to maintain the thickness of the cellphone.

Furthermore, the 33 W fast charging feature will also be found by Oppo mobile phone users on this one phone. With this feature, it can charge from 0-100% in just 63 minutes.

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