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Review Lenovo Legion Duel 2 | Legion Duel 2 Pro –Lenovo is back with their newest gaming smartphone, the Legion Duel 2, which is the successor to the Legion Duel, which was launched last year.

ThisĀ  device features features such as dual charging ports, dual cooling fans, two linear motors for haptics feedback, and two ultrasonic trigger buttons on the sides.

This smartphone comes with a larger screen, which is 6.92 inches compared to its predecessor which uses a 6.65-inch screen. The screen has FHD + resolution (2460 x 1080), with a brightness of 1300 nits and supports HDR 10+. The refresh rate still uses 144Hz like its predecessor.

Legion Duel 2 Pro

The screen of the Legion Duel 2 has neither a notch nor a punch hole, as this smartphone has a side-mounted pop-up selfie camera. The sensor used has now been increased to 44MP, from the previous using a 20MP sensor. With this pop-up sensor on the side, gamers can easily play while doing live streaming, with content on the screen that remains full.

The rear design is also very unique, in the middle of the rear body there is a hump which is equipped with several integrated modules. The most interesting thing is, there is already an integrated cooling fan, so you no longer need to buy an additional cooling fan module like other gaming smartphones.

On the rear hump of the body, there is also a camera module for this Lenovo Duel 2. The camera frame module in the middle, carries two 64 MP and 16 MP camera sensors, and is decorated with the distinctive Lenovo Legion logo with RGB lighting and displays the cooling fan mentioned earlier, of course.

Two cooling fans with speeds up to 15000 rpm embedded in this smartphone offer cooling efficiency of up to 30% compared to the previous version. For the SoC used, this smartphone uses the Snapdragon 888 paired with 12, 16 or 18GB of RAM. While the available storage options are 256 and 512GB.

The available battery capacity is 5,500 mAh which consists of two batteries with a capacity of 2,750 mAh. This device can be charged with 65W charging, or with an optional charger adapter that has two ports, with an output of 90W.

This device runs with the Lenovo ZUI 12.5 interface which is based on the Android 11 operating system. This phone comes in Ultimate Black and Titanium White colors.

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