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Review Amazfit T-Rex Pro – Making the T-Rex Pro the perfect partner for adventure. Equipped with a comprehensive health and fitness monitor, covering a number of outdoor sports modes which are also known as adventure activities, making it easier for users to stay fit and healthy while adventuring outside of their comfort zone.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro is equipped with the latest innovative features. Tougher, apart from passing 15 military-standard tests, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro also passed three additional endurance tests.

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The new functions that can be found on the Amazfit T-Rex Pro include: water resistance up to 10 ATMs, a blood oxygen saturation level measurement system, four global navigation satellite systems, a barometric altimeter, and more than 100 sport modes.

With the Amazfit T-Rex Pro, all the information a user needs is instantly available and easy to read thanks to the 1.3-inch AMOLED display which has a clear and colorful display.

With an attractive angular design, the rugged metal plated outer frame keeps the weight light, completing the overall tough and attractive look. With a tough yet skin-friendly and sweat-resistant silicone strap, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro comes in three color options: Meteorite Black, Desert Gray, and Steel Blue.

With a variety of enhanced advanced features, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro can be a reliable companion for its users in carrying out various kinds of sports and outdoor activities.

Supported by four global navigation satellite systems, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro can help track the location of its users even when in environments that are difficult to find if only relying on GPS alone.

Stay in tune with changing nature with the proprietary Amazfit T-Rex Pro weather tracker. Users can monitor sunrise and sunset times, as well as moon phases – which can help users to enjoy the natural scenery at the best time.

A healthy heart is a priority so the Amazfit T-Rex Pro is equipped with the BioTracker ™ 2 PPG Bio-Tracking Optical Sensor which can perform precise heart rate monitoring 24 hours a day and issue alerts if the user’s heart rate is too high – this smartwatch can also record Hearts. Rate Variability (HRV) to monitor user response to stress.

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