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Apple officially introduced its newest smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 9. In duet with the release of the iPhone 15 series, this smart device presents a variety of new features that attract users’ attention.

Apple Watch Series 9

Apple Watch Series 9 specifications

Double Tap Gesture

One of the newest features worth highlighting is “Double Tap”. This feature is similar to that of Apple’s AR Vision Pro headset.

With “Double Tap,” users simply tap their thumb and index finger together, similar to clicking a mouse, to activate various functions without needing to touch the device screen directly.

You can end a call, stop a timer, snooze an alarm, pause music playback, open Smart Track, and carry out many other commands without coming into direct contact with the smartwatch screen. All this is possible thanks to the accelerometer and blood oxygen sensors that are sensitive to changes in movement and blood flow.

Powerful New SiP S9

In addition, the Apple Watch Series 9 brings increased performance with the S9 chip which is supported by a system in package (SiP) and has 60 percent more transistors compared to the S8 chip.

The S9’s faster GPU chip is also integrated with four NPU cores to deliver superior performance. Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, also benefits from SiP support on the S9 chip, so it responds to user requests more quickly and securely. Siri can even access your health data for the first time.

In terms of dictation or voice commands, the Watch Series 9 claims a 25 percent better accuracy rate than its predecessor, the Watch Series 8. You will also be happy to know that this device’s battery can last for 18 hours throughout the day.

Another interesting new feature is Precision Finding, which lets you search your iPhone with greater precision. This becomes a reality thanks to support for the same Ultra Wideband technology used in AirTags. Additionally, this feature is integrated with HomePod.

Apple has not forgotten about improvements in design either. The Apple Watch Series 9 is equipped with an always-on Retina display, called “Always on Display,” which is brighter with a brightness level of up to 200 nits, twice that of the Apple Watch Series 8.

You can even reduce the brightness to just 1 nit, especially useful when you’re in a dark place like a cinema.

Available in 41 mm and 45 mm sizes, the Apple Watch Series 9 also prioritizes sustainability with more recycled materials and a smaller, environmentally friendly packaging box. There are various color choices, including pink, Starlight, Silver, Midnight, and PRODUCT (RED) for the aluminum version, as well as Silver, Gold, and Graphite for the stainless version.

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